Yard Work Innovation

Yarbo Inc., based in New York, is an innovative technology company with independent R&D technology. As an intelligent yard service provider, Yarbo Inc. focused on yard maintenance, and its main business is to provide autonomous yard robots which offer multi-functional services including cleaning, entertainmen, etc.

Yarbo was derived from Snowbot. It was originally just an idea of making a snow blower robot born in 2017. Then, after five years of development and countless product tests and iterations, the company launched the world’s first autonomous snow removal robot for residential use — that is Snowbot S1, the beta test version. Now, it comes to Yarbo, which can already cover most of the yard service needs of people.

Yarbo will be dedicated to developing intelligent yard robots that can meet all-season and multi-scene demands. Our goal is to become a global intelligent yard service robot company.

Corporate Culture

We pay attention to details, value communication, appreciate talent, and make the needs of consumers our priority. We hope to illuminate the world with science and technology, and improve people's quality of life with intelligent robots!

Our Mission

To create value and make a world difference.

Our Vision

Be the world-leading intelligent yard services robot company to change the way people live.

Our Spirit

Persistence, Communication, Innovation

Allen Huang
(CEO & Founder)

"I want to bring a revolution to the yard maintenance field by replacing human beings with robots to do the yard work, and make people's hands-free!”

Allen majored in mechanical engineering and automation, and has years of  multinational working experience in famous enterprises, mainly engaged in product research & development.

Kenneth Kohlmann
(Vice President)

"The most precious commodity we have in life is time. Why waste it doing yard work that can be automated?"

Ken has more than 17 years of experience in American marketing and branding, and is a geek fascinated with technology, especially when it is applied to robotic applications/scenarios.

Jay Li
(Product Director)

“Our dream is to improve people’s quality of life and make the world better. We are working hard to make this happen…”

Jay had once worked in famous international companies and has years of working experience on intelligent hardware and consumer robots.