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Yarbo Snow Blower S1 Winter Sale

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Yarbo Lawn Mower M1
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Yarbo Advantages

With its modular design and cutting-edge technology, Yarbo autonomously handles all yard care needs, ensuring precision, eco-friendliness, and complete hands-free convenience.

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Users' Voice

Thank you Team Yarbo! Your commitment to this product and the improvements have not gone unnoticed by most of us. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to become a backer and eventually a tester of this great machine. Thank you listening to our feedback and for such rapid turnaround in implementing the suggestions. It’s my honor to be part of this journey with you!

Steven T.Massachusetts, US

I am very happy be in this group. We are all in the same boat and Yarbo is fixing things. So many like-minded people. Our garages look familiar, the testing Vids rock. Thanks!

Rick B.Massachusetts, US

I couldn't be happier with my Kickstarter decision. This product is set to transform the way we handle our daily outdoor home chores. Yarbo is going to be a game-changer for me and many others. It will simplify my daily routine, save me time and effort, and it has already exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Yarbo Team, for making my life easier and more enjoyable!

James R.Minnesota, US

I was in intrigued by Yarbo’s modular design and the three attachments were tools I needed. (Fall leaves blanket my neighborhood) As I continued through Yarbo’s KS campaign, I noted perimeter wires were not utilized. Like many I’m sure, I dreaded burying cable around my property. Further digging into the machine revealed many sensors and algorithms were being implemented that I studied in school. Looks like I finally found an autonomous robot for the yard!

Danny H.Maryland, US

I am glad they are taking all these steps to make sure everything is perfect for the users. It was clear they really care about our experience. I have never seen such dedication to customers, and Yarbo is beautifully built!

Scott B.Minnesota, US

This is the first release of the Yarbo body with the S1 snow blower module. I was fortunate to be involved as a tester, and have found Yarbo to be extremely responsive to any issues or suggestions. I cannot wait for the next season when the M1 lawn mower module is released- I am tired of mowing 2.5 acres of hill! Like any new product there will be problems, what matters is how they are handled. Yarbo so far has been wonderful. I cannot wait to see what the future brings.

Kent R.New York, US

I literally received my first snowbot the day after the last snow of the 2021 winter melted. So I had to wait half a year to be able to test it out. I'm so grateful to Yarbo for all the improvements that they made when changing to version 2. Imagine my excitement when it started snowing right after I received my Yarbo! I still haven't set up the antenna or base, but I just took it out with the manual controller and had a blast. Not much snow, but it worked great!

Bill P.Colorado, US

It was an absolute joy to spend a few hours with Yarbo's staff setting up the base station and learning how the Yarbo will work when my unit arrives next month. This is a billion dollar idea in the making and I'm glad to be a part of it. The mailman stops about halfway through to tell us how awesome it is!

Glen K.Alaska, US

I would believe Yarbo will have some issues but I would bet most will be able to be addressed with firmware updates as I believe they tried to work out most of the functionality concerns since most likely the time you became a backer. I anticipate possible connectivity issues on the user end, but I also believe Yarbo engineers will take an extremely active roll in trying to make the functionality seamless.

Michael B.Pennsylvania, US
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