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What Distinguishes Yarbo from Every Other Robotic Lawn Mower?

Beyond a mower, embrace a mighty core with all-season yard care attachments.

Pioneering All-Terrain Traversing Ability

Traverses Varied Terrains
Climbs Slopes Up to 35°
Traverses Varied Terrains
Climbs Slopes Up to 35°

Sophisticated Mechanical Design

Torsion-flex Mower Frame
All-Terrain Patented Tracks
All-Steel Skid Shoe
Yarbo's torsion-flex mower frame allows the deck to flex up and down smoothly, ensuring a clean cut. This unique feature tailors the Yarbo Lawn Mower to your lawn, and makes it ideal for uneven turf.
Torsion-flex Mower Frame
Yarbo's torsion-flex mower frame allows the deck to flex up and down smoothly, ensuring a clean cut. This unique feature tailors the Yarbo Lawn Mower to your lawn, and makes it ideal for uneven turf.
All-Terrain Patented Tracks
Wide tracks with smooth climbing treads provide unparalleled traction, minimal ground pressure, and enhanced stability. Mow confidently with improved traction and minimal compaction.
All-Steel Skid Shoe
Constructed from steel for traversing any terrain, the skid shoe facilitates mowing on hillsides, slopes, sidewalks, and driveways, ensuring uninterrupted movement and productivity.

Mow with Perfection Every Time

Grass Cutting Following Terrain Contours

Yarbo's flexible front-mount deck allows it to follow the ground contour, cut precise grass from the top to the bottom of slopes, and maintain a consistent lawn height.

Ideal for Large Lawns

Yarbo conquers up to 6 acres of lawn, matching the performance of commercial ride-on lawnmowers, which is ideal for owners of large yards.

Adjustable Cutting Height

Customize the cutting height to fit different mowing areas. By adjusting the deck height, Yarbo can adjust the cutting height from 1.2 to 4 inches, allowing for personalized aesthetics.

Front-Mount Deck
Dual Cutting Discs
5 Blades for Each Disc
Placing the mower deck at the front is crucial for achieving top-notch results. The front-mount deck minimizes turf impact before cutting, ensuring a uniform, carpet-like finish by redistributing weight from the caster wheel, thus preventing grass matting.
Front-Mount Deck
Placing the mower deck at the front is crucial for achieving top-notch results. The front-mount deck minimizes turf impact before cutting, ensuring a uniform, carpet-like finish by redistributing weight from the caster wheel, thus preventing grass matting.
Dual Cutting Discs
Yarbo's dual wide 20-inch cutting discs ensure efficient performance in dense or wet grass, minimizing clogs and manual clearing.
5 Blades for Each Disc
Yarbo Lawnmower's cutting discs have five blades each, enhancing cutting performance significantly. More blades per disc result in a finer cut, extending the time between blade replacements.

Smarter Than You Imagine

Stereo Vision Technology: Redefining Your Wire-free Experience

Enhance Precision through Stereo Vision

Yarbo's binocular camera provides stereo depth perception. Together with up to 6 TOPS of processing power, advanced functionalities are enabled: complex scene segmentation for auto boundary mapping, robust visual navigation ensuring boundary adherence, and auto obstacle labeling by precise obstacle bypass.

Worry-free under Trees with Yarbo

When the RTK signal weakens, Stereo Vision technology alongside ODOM facilitates Yarbo's navigation, guiding it within its boundary for enhanced safety.

Easy Setup with AI-powered Mapping Assistant

Yarbo's AI-powered mapping assistant feature helps you identify the edges of your lawn during the mapping process.

Improved Safety with 360° Smart Obstacle Avoidance

Yarbo's spatial AI System features 3 cameras, 5 ultrasonic radars, and advanced AI algorithms for safe mowing, enabling it to identify and avoid obstacles effectively.

Explore More Intelligent Functions

More Than Just a Lawn Mower,
Your Yard's Security Guardian

*Additional Service Fee May Apply
Experience Yarbo's teleoperation feature to remotely control your lawn maintenance and monitor your yard anytime, anywhere. Activate patrol mode for added security, making Yarbo your trusted yard companion.

Track, Control, and Secure Your Yarbo Anywhere

Unlock Yarbo's Towing Versatility

Tow a Tesla & Boat
User Scenarios
Tow a Tesla & Boat
User Scenarios

What Includes in the Box

Yarbo Core
Yarbo Lawn Mower
Yarbo Battery
Docking Station
Other Accessories


Max. Mowing Size

6 acres (25,000㎡)

Max. Climbing Ability

70% (35°)

Max. Slope at the Edge

70% (35°)

Adjustable Cutting Height

1.2" - 4.0" ( 30 - 102mm)

Cutting Width

20" (500mm)

Charging Time

180 min

Mowing Time Per Charge

210 min

Noise Level

60 dB

Positioning & Navigation

RTK & Vision & IMU & ODOM


4G & Wifi & Bluetooth

Max. Multi-zone Management




Battery Capacity

38.4 Ah

Waterproof Level


Size (l*w*h)

51*27*20 inches


Tracked Drive





Rain Detection


Obstacle Avoidance

Binocular Camera & Ultrasonic Radar & Bumper

Vertical Obstacle Passing Ability

2" (50mm)


Is My Lawn Compatible with the Yarbo Lawn Mower?
While the Yarbo Lawn Mower is highly adaptable to most lawn types, ensuring optimal performance requires considering specific factors, such as lawn shape, lawn size, minimal obstruction, etc. For further insights, we invite you to explore the detailed information provided in this article
What is the recommended maximum lawn area for Yarbo Lawn Mower?
Yarbo Lawn Mower is the optimal choice for effectively managing large lawn areas. Designed for optimal performance on spaces up to 3.5 acres with cutting cycles every 48 hours, its capabilities can be extended to cover up to 6.2 acres when the mowing frequency is adjusted to every 72 hours. This is achievable given its maximum daily coverage of 1.7 acres. Its design integrates intelligent automatic recharging with precision in executing daily lawn care tasks. This robotic lawn mower represents a leap forward in lawn maintenance technology, seamlessly combining advanced technological solutions with careful attention to detail. This ensures that extensive lawns maintain their impeccability with minimal manual supervision.
How much time is required for installation?
Setting up Yarbo typically requires between two to three hours, involving two main stages for optimal operation. The first stage is the physical set-up, which involves assembling the universal body and Yarbo Lawn Mower Module, setting up the docking station, and ensuring a stable connection by installing the RTK base station inside your home. You have three options for positioning the RTK antenna: on the roof, against a wall, or on the ground, based on what’s most convenient for you. The second stage is configuring the software, which includes connecting Yarbo to your network and mapping the areas you want it to clean. Yarbo provides thorough guidance with user manuals and access to a dedicated support center to aid in this process. This includes a knowledge base, a community forum, and a ticket system to help resolve any issues, ensuring users a smooth and pleasant setup experience.
Is Yarbo Lawn Mower anti-theift?
Yarbo Lawn Mower sets a new standard in yard security with its advanced anti-theft features, including proprietary fastening bolts that protect the battery and incorporate a GPS locator to track the device's exact position. The revolutionary ownership verification system ensures that once activated by the primary user, they maintain complete control, with the ability to grant access permissions to family members. To further bolster security measures, Yarbo introduces an innovative 'lost' mode to prevent unauthorized use and a Geofence Alarm that alerts owners if the device crosses its predefined boundary. With the additional benefit of Real-Time Monitoring, owners have the assurance of constant surveillance, cementing Yarbo Lawn Mower as the preeminent choice for secure, smart yard management.
How does Yarbo perform with RTK and what if the GPS is weak?
Yarbo Lawn Mower redefines the landscape of lawn care through its innovative PPVS (Precise Positioning Vision System), blending the best of RTK-GPS, state-of-the-art computer vision, and a multi-sensor array to achieve exceptional accuracy in navigation. This powerful combination taps into satellite signals for pinpoint location accuracy. It leverages a dedicated RTK base to dynamically correct any positional discrepancies, achieving a remarkable level of precision down to the centimeter in every movement. Where satellite signals might be obstructed, such as under heavy foliage, Yarbo's dual-camera vision and ODOM technologies provide reliable, uninterrupted navigation, ensuring that the Yarbo Lawn Mower operates safely within its bounds, even in areas of limited satellite signal. Designed for utmost effectiveness and accuracy, Yarbo Lawn Mower is the epitome of technological advancement in lawn care. Thanks to its six ultrasonic sensors, it utilizes RTK technology to maintain precise positioning while navigating obstacles with ease. Coupled with ODOM technology for refined navigation capabilities, Yarbo Lawn Mower operates with high autonomy, staying consistently within predefined boundaries. Choose Yarbo for a seamless, efficient, and precise lawn maintenance solution that effortlessly brings your garden to perfection every time.
How does Yarbo respond to extreme weather?
Yarbo Lawn Mower is designed with advanced rain and temperature sensors to enhance its efficiency and durability. In scenarios where weather conditions are not ideal for lawn maintenance, such as during rain or when temperatures fall below the freezing point, Yarbo smartly navigates back to its charging station. This proactive measure ensures that your lawn remains unharmed by avoiding mowing under unsuitable weather conditions. It has also been rigorously tested and proven to withstand severe weather conditions, functioning optimally in temperatures ranging from -25 to +60 degrees Celsius. This makes Yarbo highly reliable, even in the most challenging weather, ensuring your lawn care isn't compromised.

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