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Transform Your Lawn Care
Experience with Yarbo
Are you tried of spending hours maintaining your lawn, only to find it is still not up to your standards? Yarbo introduces an innovative solution to revolutionize your lawn care routine. Our Yarbo Tracked Vehicle wire-free Lawn Mower is designed to handle various lawn types, ensuring a hassle-free mowing experience. Imagine reclaiming those countless hours spent wrestling with your unruly lawn and instead, effortlessly achieving pristine results with every mow. With Yarbo, it's not just a dream, but also it's your new reality. So why settle for mediocrity when you can elevate your lawn care experience to extraordinary heights? Join the Yarbo revolution and unlock a world of convenience, precision, and satisfaction. Say goodbye to lawn care woes and hello to a lush, immaculate lawn—all with the touch of a button.

Is Your Lawn Yarbo Compatible?

Yarbo's cutting-edge technology can effortlessly cover expansive areas of up to 25,000 square meters, surpassing the limitations of traditional mowers. While the Yarbo Lawn Mower is highly adaptable to most lawn types, ensuring optimal performance requires considering specific factors:

Lawn Shape: Regardless of whether your lawn is rectangular, circular, or features unique angles and curves, the versatility of the Yarbo Lawn Mower guarantees efficient coverage and precise mowing for any outdoor space.
Lawn Size: For effective operation, ensure your lawn exceeds 200 square meters.
Minimal Obstruction: Maintain tall walls and trees to less than 30% of your lawn area to avoid hindering the mower's performance.
Boundary Condition: Be mindful of areas with tall trees or walls exceeding 50% along the lawn perimeter to ensure seamless operation.
Narrow Lanes: If your lawn contains narrow passages with high obstructions on both sides, typically less than 2 meters wide, consider alternative solutions, as these areas may pose challenges for most wire-free robotic lawn mowers, including our Yarbo Lawn Mower.

For optimal results, ensuring your lawn meets these criteria will enhance the performance and efficiency of your Yarbo Lawn Mower, providing you with a hassle-free mowing experience.

Not Recommended Lawn Scenarios:

If your lawn features extensive tall obstacles, such as walls or trees, we encourage you to send your garden's layout to our support team for further assistance. Your privacy is our priority, and all data provided will be handled confidentially.

Unlocking Your Lawn's Potential

Ready to experience the benefits of the Yarbo Lawn Mower? Here's how:

Seamless Integration: Experience effortless mowing as the Yarbo Lawn Mower seamlessly adapts to diverse lawn types, delivering exceptional performance with minimal effort.
Precision mowing: With advanced technology and precision engineering, the Yarbo Lawn Mower ensures uniform and efficient mowing across your lawn.
Hassle-free maintenance: Say goodbye to tedious lawn care tasks. The Yarbo Lawn Mower simplifies maintenance, allowing you to enjoy a pristine lawn without the hassle.
All tracks: Navigate challenging lawn conditions effortlessly with our all-tracks, ensuring seamless movement from different shade to narrow nooks without the risk of getting stuck.
Flawless Navigation: Conquer even the most challenging lawn terrains with ease, whether it's dense shade, narrow nooks, angled corners, or unfenced lawns.
Waterproof Performance: Rain or shine, rest assured that our mower is built to withstand the elements, ensuring uninterrupted performance regardless of weather conditions.

What's the Feature That Will Get You Excited?

Intelligent Boundary Mapping

This innovative feature automatically identifies and maps the boundaries of your work area with precision, effortlessly navigating through regular grass terrain. With Yarbo's intelligent Boundary Mapping, you are unable to enjoy hassle-free boundary setting and ensure optimal coverage every time you now.

Auto-Obstacle Detection: Revolutionary Concenience

With our auto-obstacle detection feature, the Yarbo Lawn Mower sets a new standard for convenience in lawn care. This cutting-edge technology not only identifies each obstacle in its path but also stores their locations in its memory. Here's how it works:

Recognition and Memory: The Lawn Mower will intelligently recognizes obstacles such as trees, rocks, or garden furniture as it navigates your lawn. It then stores the precise locations of these obstacles in its memory for future reference.
No-Go Zone Creation: After identifying obstacles, you have the option to effortlessly create No-Go zones automatically for each obstacle detected on the map. This means you can designate areas where the mower should avoid, ensuring the safety of both the mower and your landscaping features.

By automatically creating No-Go zones for obstacles, our Lawn Mower not only saves you time but also enhances safety by minimizing the risk of collisions and damage to your property. It's convenience and peace of mind rolled into one innovative feature, redefining the way you approach lawn care.

Weather Detection:

Real-Time Weather Monitoring: Our Lawn Mower Module is equipped with advanced sensors for real-time weather monitoring. It features a rain sensor that automatically initiates recharging when rain is detected, resuming work once the rain subsides. Additionally, when the temperature sensor detects that the temperatures is below 0°C, Yarbo device will prompt automatic recharging process to prevent damage to grass health during frost conditions.
Connected to Weather API: Our Lawn Mower Module is seamlessly integrated with a Weather API, which providing a access to humidity levels, light conditions, and accurate weather forecasts for the upcoming days. By leveraging this data, Yarbo Lawn Mower Module will generatates or adjust the mowing plan in the App intelligently to maintain the health of your lawn.

Embrace the Future of Lawn Care

Join the Yarbo community and elevate your lawn care experience:

Stay informed: Gain exclusive access to product updates, tips, and tricks to maximize the performance of your Yarbo Lawn Mower.
Connect with enthusiasts: Engage with fellow Yarbo users worldwide, sharing insights and experiences to enhance your lawn care journey through each social media platforms.
Access expert support: Our support team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience with your Yarbo Lawn Mower.

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