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Leaving the Cold to Yarbo

Yarbo Snow Blower frees you from traditional backbreaking snow removal.
Yarbo Snow Blower
Tranditional Gas Snow Blower

Yarbo's Auto-Solution

  • Hands-Free Operation
  • Safety Assured
  • Environmental Friendliness

Traditional Solution

  • Limitation by harsh weather conditions
  • Physically demanding and potential injuries
  • Potential damage to the environment

Enjoy Snow Days As You Should

Winter Morning Made Easy

Enjoy your morning coffee, as Yarbo Snow Blower takes on the winter chill for you.
remote snow blower robot

Devoting Your Time to What Truly Matters

Free up your valuable time to enjoy meaningful moments with loved ones.

Effortless Winter Right at Your Fingertips

Schedule snow clearing via Yarbo App, whether at work or on vacation; Automatically schedule snow removal upon weather forecasts.

Stay Secure with Yarbo Triple Safety Layers

Yarbo avoids obstacles using radar and 3 cameras, spotting anything within 5 ft ahead and 16 ft on the sides - ensuring safety for people and pets.

24/7 Ready to Work with Wireless Auto Recharging

When the job is done or the battery runs low, Yarbo autonomously returns to recharge, ensuring continuous work without any hassle on your part.

Precise Snow Throwing

Flexible snow chute with -5° to +55° adjustable deflector angle and -10° - 190° adjustable chute rotation. Ensure snow lands exactly where you want within the 6-40 ft distance.

Exceptional Climbing Capability

The rubber track is carefully designed to keep Yarbo Snow Blower on course even on the icy ground when it is blowing snow. Combined with powerful motors, Yarbo Snow Blower can traverse rough terrains and climb a slope of up to 36% effortlessly.

Efficient Snow Cleaning

With a 24'' cleaning width and 12'' intake height, Yarbo Snow Blower can clean 1 inch of snow over 6,000 sq.ft or handle 5 inches of snow over 2,000 sq.ft on a single charge.

What Includes in the Box

Yarbo Universal Body
Snow Blower Module
Yarbo Battery
Docking Station
Other Accessories


Stage Type


Intake Height

12 inches

Chute Rotation

-10° - 190°

Cleaning Area/ Charge

6,000 sq.ft (1 inch)

Charging Time

3 hours

Powered By

Lithium-ion battery

Operating Temperature

-13°F-113°F (-25°C-45°C)

Applicable Surfaces


Cleaning Width

24 inches

Throwing Distance

6-40 ft.

Deflector Angle

-5° to +55°

Operation Time/ Charge

1.5 hours

Waterproof Level


Applicable Slope

Up to 36%

Applicable snow Types

Dry/wet/packed snow

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I have read and understand the Privacy Policy and agree to receive personalized messages from Yarbo by e-mail or SMS.


One Body, Unlimited Possibilities

Simplify your yard care with one versatile solution

Modular Design
Towing Capabilities


What is the adjustable snow throw distance of the Yarbo Snow Blower?
The Yarbo Snow Blower features an adjustable snow throw distance, allowing you to precisely control the range at which the snow is thrown. The adjustable range spans from 6 feet to 40 feet (approximately 1.83 meters to 12.19 meters).
How does Yarbo Snow Blower determine the optimal time for snow removal? Does it rely on weather reports or sensors?
Yarbo employs a sophisticated approach to determine the optimal time for snow removal. It combines the power of the Yarbo APP and weather forecasting APIs to make informed decisions. You have the flexibility to schedule automatic snow removal before each forecasted snowfall, ensuring that your yard is cleared in a timely manner. Alternatively, you can manually set the frequency of snow removal based on your specific preferences.
Which road surfaces are suitable for Yarbo Snow Blower's operation?
Yarbo robots can operate on various road surfaces, including masonry, cement, asphalt, grass, smooth & rough tiles pavement. However, please ensure the removal of loose stones and debris from the areas where Yarbo will be operating.
What is the snow capacity of Yarbo Snow Blower?
The Yarbo Snow Blower is capable of handling up to 5 inches and 2152.78 ft² (200 ㎡) of snow per full charge. Additionally, with the use of our docking station, the snow cleaning area can be expanded up to 6000 ft² (557.42 ㎡) daily.
Can Yarbo Snow Blower operate during a snowstorm with a snow height of 9.84 in (25 cm) and a temperature of-22 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 degrees Celsius)?

The intake ability of Yarbo Snow Blower is not suitable for snow heights exceeding your requirement. However, Yarbo is designed to start operating immediately when it begins to snow, preventing excessive snow accumulation. By utilizing the Yarbo docking station, it can work continuously to keep your driveway or designated area free of snow 24/7/365.

The -25°C is Yarbo's standard working temperature, primarily due to the battery's limitations. However, Yarbo is equipped with heating modules for its major components. As long as Yarbo is kept turned on—which it can be—it will never drop below the designated working temperature range. This is how Yarbo manages to operate smoothly in environments as cold as -40°C.
Is it recommended to cover the docking station of Yarbo?

It is not recommended to cover the docking station. In addition to wirelessly charging Yarbo, it also serves as the original point for the RTK system. Covering it might impair Yarbo's ability to receive precise GPS signals while docked or during the docking process, which could affect its autonomous operation.

Rest assured, the docking station is designed to withstand outdoor environments. It is built to ensure smooth functionality and uninterrupted performance.
How does Yarbo Snow Blower handle encountering cracks in the sidewalk or other surface imperfections?
Yarbo is designed to adapt to various surfaces and handle uneven terrains effectively. With its rubber tracks and a linear actuator that raises the auger, Yarbo can navigate small steps and surface irregularities of up to 1.97 in (5 cm), including cracks in sidewalks and gaps between tiles, ensuring smooth and efficient snow removal.

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