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What Distinguishes Yarbo from Every Other Robotic Lawn Mower?

Beyond a mower, embrace a mighty core with all-season yard care attachments.

Discover Endless Potential:
Trimmer and Edger Attachment

automated lawn mowers

Yarbo Trimmer Attachment

Meet Yarbo Trimmer, the first-ever robotic trimmer that makes lawn maintenance a breeze! With precision cutting and advanced vision technology, Yarbo handles edges, delicate flower beds, and tough weeds without damaging your property. Upgrade now for hassle-free lawn care!

*Not included in the package. Additional purchase fee is required.

Yarbo Edger Attachment

Introducing Yarbo Edger, the first robotic edger on the market! Designed to cut grass along driveways, sidewalks, and roads, Yarbo creates a neat lawn border without the need to hire a professional. With Yarbo's exceptional stereo depth perception, it moves precisely along the lawn border, advancing, rotating, or even backing off to create a professional-looking edge between your lawn and driveway. Experience the difference with Yarbo!

*Not included in the package. Additional purchase fee is required.

*Trimmer and edger attachments are not included in the package.
automatic lawn mowers

Keep Your Landscaping in Shape

Yarbo trimmer, the first practical robotic trimmer, is ideal for trimming lawn sections along fences, houses, or trees.

automatic lawn mowers

Create Sharp Lawn Boundary

Yarbo edger, the first robotic edger available, is designed to cut grass along driveways, sidewalks, and roads to create a tidy lawn border.

Curious about Specs Comparison?

Yarbo Lawn Mower
Compare Specs Now

Pioneering All-Terrain Traversing Ability

Traverses Varied Terrains
Climbs Slopes Up to 35°
Traverses Varied Terrains
Climbs Slopes Up to 35°

Sophisticated Mechanical Design

Torsion-flex Mower Frame
All-Terrain Patented Tracks
All-Steel Skid Shoe
Yarbo's torsion-flex mower frame allows the deck to flex up and down smoothly, ensuring a clean cut. This unique feature tailors the Yarbo Lawn Mower to your lawn, and makes it ideal for uneven turf.
Torsion-flex Mower Frame
Yarbo's torsion-flex mower frame allows the deck to flex up and down smoothly, ensuring a clean cut. This unique feature tailors the Yarbo Lawn Mower to your lawn, and makes it ideal for uneven turf.
All-Terrain Patented Tracks
Wide tracks with smooth climbing treads provide unparalleled traction, minimal ground pressure, and enhanced stability. Mow confidently with improved traction and minimal compaction.
All-Steel Skid Shoe
Constructed from steel for traversing any terrain, the skid shoe facilitates mowing on hillsides, slopes, sidewalks, and driveways, ensuring uninterrupted movement and productivity.

Mow with Perfection Every Time

Grass Cutting Following Terrain Contours

Yarbo's flexible front-mount deck allows it to follow the ground contour, cut precise grass from the top to the bottom of slopes, and maintain a consistent lawn height.

Ideal for Large Lawns

Yarbo conquers up to 6 acres of lawn, matching the performance of commercial ride-on lawnmowers, which is ideal for owners of large yards.

Adjustable Cutting Height

Customize the cutting height to fit different mowing areas. By adjusting the deck height, Yarbo can adjust the cutting height from 1.2 to 4 inches, allowing for personalized aesthetics.

Front-Mount Deck
Dual Cutting Discs
5 Blades for Each Disc
Placing the mower deck at the front is crucial for achieving top-notch results. The front-mount deck minimizes turf impact before cutting, ensuring a uniform, carpet-like finish by redistributing weight from the caster wheel, thus preventing grass matting.
Front-Mount Deck
Placing the mower deck at the front is crucial for achieving top-notch results. The front-mount deck minimizes turf impact before cutting, ensuring a uniform, carpet-like finish by redistributing weight from the caster wheel, thus preventing grass matting.
Dual Cutting Discs
Yarbo's dual wide 20-inch cutting discs ensure efficient performance in dense or wet grass, minimizing clogs and manual clearing.
5 Blades for Each Disc
Yarbo Lawnmower's cutting discs have five blades each, enhancing cutting performance significantly. More blades per disc result in a finer cut, extending the time between blade replacements.

Check if Yarbo Suits Your Lawn

To better understand how Yarbo Lawn Mower fits your yard, we strongly recommend you take this quiz.

Smarter Than You Imagine

Stereo Vision Technology: Redefining Your Wire-free Experience

Enhance Precision through Stereo Vision

Yarbo's binocular camera provides stereo depth perception. Together with up to 6 TOPS of processing power, advanced functionalities are enabled: complex scene segmentation for auto boundary mapping, robust visual navigation ensuring boundary adherence, and auto obstacle labeling by precise obstacle bypass.

Worry-free under Trees with Yarbo

When the RTK signal weakens, Stereo Vision technology alongside ODOM facilitates Yarbo's navigation, guiding it within its boundary for enhanced safety.

Easy Setup with AI-powered Mapping Assistant

Yarbo's AI-powered mapping assistant feature helps you identify the edges of your lawn during the mapping process.

Improved Safety with 360° Smart Obstacle Avoidance

Yarbo's spatial AI System features 3 cameras, 7 ultrasonic radars, and advanced AI algorithms for safe mowing, enabling it to identify and avoid obstacles effectively.

Explore More Intelligent Functions

More Than Just a Lawn Mower,
Your Yard's Security Guardian

*Additional Service Fee May Apply
Experience Yarbo's teleoperation feature to remotely control your lawn maintenance and monitor your yard anytime, anywhere. Activate patrol mode for added security, making Yarbo your trusted yard companion.

Track, Control, and Secure Your Yarbo Anywhere

Unlock Yarbo's Towing Versatility

Tow a Tesla & Boat
User Scenarios
Tow a Tesla & Boat
User Scenarios

What Includes in the Box

Yarbo Core
Yarbo Lawn Mower
Yarbo Battery
Docking Station
Other Accessories


Package Dimension (L*W*H)

29.9*29.9*18.5 in
(76.0*76.0*47.0 cm)


95 lbs (43 kg)

Max. Mowing Size

6 acres (25,000 ㎡)

Max. Climbing Ability

70% (35°)

Max. Slope at the Edge

70% (35°)

Adjustable Cutting Height

1.2-4.0 in ( 3-10.2 cm)

Cutting Width

20 in (50 cm)

Charging Time

180 min

Mowing Time Per Charge

210 min

Noise Level

60 dB

Positioning & Navigation

RTK & Vision & IMU & ODOM

Obstacle Avoidance

Binocular Camera & Ultrasonic Radar & Bumper


4G & Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Max. Multi-zone Management




Battery Capacity

38.4 Ah

Waterproof Level


Driving System

Tracked Drive





Rain Detection


Vertical Obstacle Passing Ability

2 in (5 cm)


Can I operate the Lawn Mower remotely via my smartphone?
Yes, Yarbo can be operated remotely via your smartphone. You simply need to connect the Data Center to the internet. Please check out this video for a detailed explanation of how Yarbo transmits data.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sLokSoSv3o&t=2s
What is the recommended maximum lawn area for Yarbo Lawn Mower?
Yarbo Lawn Mower M1 stands out as the optimal choice for managing large lawn areas effectively. Designed for optimal performance on spaces up to 3.5 acres with cutting cycles every 48 hours, its capabilities can be extended to cover up to 6.2 acres when the mowing frequency is adjusted to every 72 hours. This is achievable given its maximum daily coverage of 1.7 acres.
What is the maximum terrain slope the Lawn Mower can handle?
Yarbo Lawn Mowwr is engineered to masterfully handle slopes as steep as 35 degrees (a slope of up to 70%), Its innovative rubber track system not only ensures a gentle touch on your grass to prevent any damage but also provides the stability needed to prevent sliding. Furthermore, its flexible design allows it to smoothly bypass common garden impediments like stone steps or branches up to 2 inches high.
What are the cutting width and cutting height that Yarbo M1 is capable of?
Yarbo Lawn Mower redefines efficiency with its innovative dual-cutting-disc system, boasting a substantial cutting width of 19.68 inches (500 mm) for precision and speed in lawn care. This exceptional mower provides adjustable cutting heights ranging from 1.2 to 4 inches, catering to the diverse needs of various lawn types and ensuring your yard looks impeccably manicured in every season.
Floating mowing deck or fixed? How many mowing discs? How many blades in total?
Yarbo Lawn Mower features a floating mowing deck that encompasses two discs, each outfitted with five blades. This distinctive design ensures the mower seamlessly conforms to your lawn's landscape, yielding a consistently even and precise trim. The dual-disc setup not only enhances the efficiency, significantly reducing the time spent mowing, but it also elevates the quality of the cut.
What is the mowing efficiency in acres per hour for each model? What is the daily output in acres including all charging cycles for a 12-hour workday, respectively?
Yarbo Lawn Mower is capable of covering an impressive area of 0.12 acre (500 m²) every hour and up to 0.43 acre (1750 m²) on a single charge. This marvel of lawn care technology recharges in a mere three hours. For those extensive lawn care days, Yarbo can tackle up to 1.73 acres (7000 m²) within a 12-hour workday, ensuring your lawn looks pristine with minimal effort.
What mowing principle is followed-straight lines or chaotic? Can the direction of the lines be changed automatically or manually?
Yarbo offers a versatile range of mowing patterns to suit any lawn's needs, ensuring your garden looks meticulously cared for. Choose from parallel, checkerboard, triangle, or spiral patterns to customize Yarbo's automatic mowing plan, tailoring the approach to your lawn's unique characteristics and your personal preferences.
What does Yarbo's obstacle avoidance system include?
Yarbo Lawn Mower is distinguished by its pioneering binocular camera system positioned at the forefront. This system mimics human-like depth perception, featuring a broad spectrum dynamic range capable of capturing exceptional images in various lighting conditions. It also presents a vast 130° viewing angle, a large F2.2 aperture, andultra-high definition visuals with 6 million pixels. Additionally, its advanced obstacle-avoidance technology is supported by two side cameras, a durable three-stage collision bar that's fully enclosed, and six ultrasonic radars providing 360-degree coverage around Yarbo to detect any obstacles.
What is Yarbo weight and how does Yarbo protect the lawn?
Yarbo Lawn Mower has a total weight of 200 pound (apx. 90kg), including its body, battery, and the lawn mower module, and is equipped with an advanced rain sensor. This feature intelligently guides the Yarbo back to its charging dock at the first hint of rain, ensuring your lawn remains pristine even in unpredictable weather conditions. Additionally, the mower smartly halts operation in freezing temperatures below 0°C (32°F) to avoid damaging your lawn with frost. Its unique detachable track pads and efficient ability to make three-point turns minimize any stress on your lawn, providing a consistently clean and even cut. Additionally, Yarbo Lawn Mower can adjust its cutting pattern, ensuring it cuts the grass from various angles on each work plan. This strategy helps to reduce damage to the lawn by preventing the grass from being cut in the same direction every time.
How does Yarbo Lawn Mower manage multi-zones?
The Yarbo Lawn Mower can manage up to 100 mowing zones, allowing you to assign unique cutting heights and customized schedules for each zone. Utilizing sophisticated mapping technology, it accurately distinguishes between different areas such as your lush lawn, quaint backyard, or connecting walkways. This feature enables you to create precise work plans tailored to the specific needs of each area, ensuring optimal care and maintenance.
How does Yarbo Lawn Mower perform by cutting uneven lawns?
Yarbo Lawn Mower boasts an advanced front mount deck enhanced with a reinforced spring system, cleverly distributing weight to the core. This innovative design significantly lessens the impact on turf from the caster wheel, paving the way for a uniformly lush, carpet-like lawn finish. Its mowing head frame is adeptly designed to move in harmony with the landscape, capable of rotating along both the width and length of the vehicle for precise maneuverability. The result? A ground support structure that ensures a closer, more consistent cut – achieving a pristine appearance in every swoop, especially on slopes where it expertly navigates between the highs and lows for an unparalleled grass-cutting performance.
How effectively does Yarbo mow the lawn, particularly when trimming the edges?
Yarbo Lawn Mower is equipped with an advanced obstacle avoidance system that enables it to mow close to edges without making contact, allowing for precise trimming along boundaries. However, like most lawn mowers, it may leave some grass near the edges untrimmed. To address this, Yarbo has pre-designed two ports on each side of the mower for future trimmer and edger attachments. These attachments are scheduled to launch in April 2025, enhancing the mower’s capabilities and offering even more precise edge cutting.
Does the Yarbo Lawn Mower come with a cliff sensor(s)? Can the M1 detect and avoid the "cliff" to the street below?
Yarbo Lawn Mower is equipped with lift sensors on its caster wheels, also known as cliff sensors. These sensors are designed to detect when the mower is lifted off the ground. If the mower approaches a drop, such as the edge of a lawn leading to a street, the lift sensors will trigger, causing the Yarbo to stop moving forward, thereby preventing any accidental descent onto the street.

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