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Yarbo 3-in-1 Intelligent Yard Robot

Yarbo 3-in-1 Intelligent Yard Robot

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Yarbo launched its brand-new product in 2022, a 3-in-1 intelligent yard robot that is hyperfocused on 3 common yard care use cases: snow removal in winter, lawn mowing in spring, summer, and autumn, and leaf/debris blowing all year long.

Comparison of  Yarbo S1, M1, B1

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*Note: In order to help you find the best snow removal tool for you, we list out the N/A scenarios below for Yarbo. Please read it carefully before purchasing to ensure that Yarbo suits your need.


N/A scenarios: States that have unsuitable climates; Areas with natural environments that will have bad influences on satellite signal transmission in consideration of the base installation; Regions with terrains that will be difficult for running Yarbo.

1.1 N/A Climates
a. Areas with frequent snowstorms, quite fast and large snowfall, and long periods of snowing. (since Yarbo needs 180-230 mins for a full charge but can only work for about 90 mins.)
b. The snow that needs to be removed at a time is usually higher than 15.7 inches.

1.2 N/A Locations
a. N/A locations for the base installation.
b. Areas with an excess of tree branches, leaf litter, and other sediments on the ground and under the snow. (e.g., virgin forests)
c. Areas with no network signals.
d. Areas with deep mountains and dense forests where grow with tall and heavy trees (about 98 feet), leading to limited vision.


N/A scenarios: Aged and disabled people depend on how much Yarbo is friendly to these special groups; social classes who can't afford the high pricing and subsequent maintenance costs of Yarbo.

a. Users without any installation and assembling ability. (due to the need to punch holes and assemble the machine)
b. Visually impaired people. c. Dyslexic people.


Take into consideration: the size of the yard; the gradient and road condition of your driveway; types of the road.

3.1 An unmanageable yard size

3.2 N/A driveways

a. The gradient of the driveway is variable and greater than 36%.b. The driveway has pits and high steps on it.c. The width of the driveway is less than 3 feet.

3.3 N/A Road Types
a. Sand roads, gravel roads, and cobblestone roads.


Can users accept the need for installation and punching holes or not:

a. It is not applicable for users who refuse to punch holes and any operation that requires to use an electric drill.
b. Users that have strict requirements for accurate obstacle avoidance(it will not be so accurate if there is frequent interference for a working machine).