Yarbo Limited Warranty Statement for Residential Use

Yarbo promises to repair Yarbo products that are defective due to faulty materials or workmanship within the warranty period (commencing on the date of delivery). Yarbo can opt to repair or replace for products that are determined to be defective. These limited warranty policies only apply to the Yarbo products that you purchased from Yarbo authorized dealer and Yarbo official channels for residential use.

Warranty Period

ItemPartsWarranty Time

Motor system
Steering gear
Brushless motor
Travel motor
Linear actuator
Working motor
2 Years
Power systemLithium-ion battery
Power adapter
Docking station
2 Years
Electric control systemCamera
Millimeter-wave radar
2 Years
Electric control systemRTK system3 Years
AttachmentSnow blower frame
Lawn mower frame
Blower frame
5 Years
Consumables and accessoriesShell
Shear pins
Top chute
1 Year
Consumables and accessoriesBlades90 Days

Service Procedure

1. Contact us via official website, or contact our authorized service dealer in your local to obtain the warranty service.
2. Our technical support team will attempt to diagnose and correct any minor issues that might cause the product failure through the telephone, e-mail, or online chat to help the customers keep the products in use.
3. If the problem cannot be solved by technical supporters online, the technical supporters will ask you to fill in the repair form in the end of this page and return the defective products to Yarbo for further examination.
4. Yarbo will attempt to repair or replace the product in accordance with this Limited Warranty, if the products meet the limited warranty policy, there will be no repair or replacement cost.

Warranty Forfeiture

The warranty does not cover the following conditions:
1. The product that has been misused, abused, neglected, altered, modified, or performed in any way contrary to the operating or maintaining requirements stated in the User Manual.
2. Failure to accomplish the battery and product maintenance procedures.
3. Modified or repaired by any unauthorized service provider.
4. Damages caused by a forced operation when the components are aged and decrepit.
5. Damages or product failures caused by the abuse of unauthorized components or accessories.
6. Damages caused by non-defective factors, including but not limited to crashes, collision, etc.
7. Damages caused by manually operate the product with a low-charged or defective battery.
8. Tempering with any of the seals and the labels on the product.
9. Wearing parts, auger, rubber track, belt, or parts subject to normal wear aren’t under warranty. You can contact us on https://www.yarbo.com/pages/contact-us or contact with an authorized service dealer to purchase these items.
10. The products are used for commercial use (i.e. use at an institution or as a rental is considered commercial use).

General Statement

1. The warranty service shall be valid from the date of delivery. When a customer requires the after-sales service, an original invoice or receipt that contains the information is required by our authorized service dealer. Without the proof of purchase, the warranty period will commence on the manufacturing date.
2. This warranty is effective for the original purchasers only. Replacements do not come with a new warranty, the original warranty will continue from the original date of delivery.
3. You might burden the delivery cost, including but not limited to repair, or replacement of the product.
4. Yarbo will diagnose the product you returned. If the defective products meet our limited warranty policy, Yarbo will burden the cost of replacement, repair, and you might have to burden the delivery cost.
5. Yarbo shall not be liable for any direct, special, indirect consequences of any kind resulting from any cause, including but not limited to loss of use, loss of profits.
6. Please be aware that the customer will be held solely responsible for the damage that occurs due to any inappropriate package but other than the standard Yarbo package. If the customer no longer has the original package, the customer shall obtain the appropriate package or consult with Yarbo's technicians about the method to pack products properly.
7. For repaired product return:
a) If the information for delivery you given are incomplete and it is failed to finish the delivery, Yarbo will attempt to contact you for a complete address or essential information to complete the delivery.
b) If you do not provide an address at which Yarbo or its agent may deliver your product, or provide essential information to comply with shipping regulations, or make payment arrangements within ninety (90) days after the original delivery attempt, Yarbo will notify you that it considers your product to be abandoned. Yarbo will send notice to the mailing address you furnished when you authorized service. In the event that your product is abandoned, Yarbo may dispose of your product in accordance with applicable provisions of law and, specifically, may sell your product at a private or public sale to pay for any outstanding service performed. Yarbo reserves its statutory and any other lawful liens for unpaid charges, including but not limited to a reasonable storage fee at the rate of up to $30 per day.

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