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In the heart of Yarbo is a 1382Wh capacity lithium-ion battery. It can be taken out and placed into our portable power station to power various electronic equipment and home appliances, for example, your smartphones, MacBook, drone, camera, projector, speaker, laptop, cooler, etc. Whether there is a power outage at home or you are out camping, it will be a good partner of your life.

Yarbo's Portable Power Station has a large capacity of 1382Wh and can supply a surge power of up to 1200W. It can power a total of 7 electric equipment with different gross powers simultaneously. There are 7 multiple charging ports: 2 USB A, 2 Type-C, and 3 AC output 120/230V ~ (50Hz / 60Hz). 

Give Your Appliances More Run Time


5W / 276.4H

Macbook pro 13''

17W / ≈ 54 charges

Heated Travel Mug

100W / 13.32H

Mini Cooler

50W / 23H


60W / ≈ 23 charges

Electric Blankets

100W / 11.32H

Air Pump

50W / 27.64H


10W / ≈ 135 charges


≈78 charges


60W / 23H


600W / 2.3H

*Note: It takes 26 minutes to fully charge a phone with a 4,500 mah rechargeable battery by the 65 W quick-charge port. 70 charges are available.

Multiple Application Scenes

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