An Intelligent Robot to Maintain Your Yard for Every Season

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The World’s First Multi-purpose Intelligent Yard Robot  

Yarbo is a universal autonomous yard robot designed to fulfill all year-round yard care needs. It can be utilized to mow the lawn, snow blow the driveway/sidewalk or blow leaves/debris, with many more modules to add additional capability in the pipeline.

Intelligent Yard Robot: Detachable Modules

The heart of Yarbo is its universal body / platform that can be used with a variety of modules, this allows Yarbo to work all year round and handle many different tasks. Equipped with an intelligent planning system, which integrates autonomous navigation and positioning, charging, execution of a work plan, as well as obstacle avoidance.

Precise Positioning Vision System

Yarbo PPVS (Precise Positioning Vision System ) is a proprietary technology that integrates RTK-GPS, Computer vision and a myriad of other sensors to achieve accurate positioning but no need to bury any wires or cables in your yard.

Intelligent Path Planning

Yarbo’s proprietary algorithms can identify the most efficient path planning to blow/direct leaves and/or snow to a specific pile or multiple piles.

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance System

A combination of sensors and computer vision prevents Yarbo from colliding with other objects in the yard, as well as in the snow!

All-terrain Cleaning

Engineered with durable tracks, Yarbo has the best-in-class traction. The Yarbo is designed to easily traverse rough terrain and very steep slopes.

True Wireless Charging for 24/7 Running Time

Yarbo’s docking station makes use of True Wireless Charging technology which means no chance of an electric short and no risk of electrical contacts corroding over time. Just like Yarbo, its docking station is designed like a tank and is designed to withstand all-season weather. Yarbo’s wireless docking station enables Yarbo to be ready to work 24/7/365.

A Battery Built to Last

Yarbo’s 36-Volt 38.4 Ah lithium-ion battery has been specifically designed to work in freezing temperatures during the winter and the scorching heat in the summertime. Equipped with a steel shell, it is reliable and safe.

Three Modules at Launch for Year-Round Yard Maintenance

Yarbo has a multi-function integration system that utilizes the main body as the primary assembly module that enables various modes of work. The basis of Yarbo’s combinations simplify seasonal maintenance into independent modules that can be carried out by one sole unit. Resultedly, Yarbo minimizes the need to buy equipment for different lawn work as its combination can answer the call for a wide range of yard cleaning.

Yarbo Snow Blower S1

The S1 two-stage snow blower has an auger that collects the snow and an impeller that shoots the snow out of the chute. With 180-degree discharge chute control, S1 can throw snow up to 6-40 feet away in any direction. In addition, the brushless motor powers the auger and impeller, which work together to remove snow faster and more efficiently than a single-stage snow blower.

Yarbo Lawn Mower M1

Designed to automate tedious lawn mowing, M1 is equipped with an outstanding dual cutting deck within the cutting width of 500 mm, and an adjustable cutting height of 30 mm-102 mm that promises more efficient mowing and a cleaner lawn. Moreover, M1 can mow up to 1.5 acres with the wireless recharging.

Yarbo Blower B1

Equipped with a brushless motor, the B1 yard blower has an airflow capacity of 424 cubic feet per minute, allowing leaves/debris to be blown faster and more efficiently into the areas you designate on the map. You can also adjust the blowing speed and direction to suit your needs and preferences.

Smart APP Control

You can use the virtual joystick to remotely control Yarbo through our mobile app. In addition, you can also set up multiple workspaces and restricted areas in the plan, and monitor and record the working conditions of Yarbo in real time.

Portable Power Station – Charge Up Anytime, Anywhere

Yarbo’s battery can be taken out to be charged in our portable power station. This design enables the long-lasting and powerful battery to be charged wherever you need the power of Yarbo to be. With Yarbo, the possibilities are endless.

Autonomous Yard Robot

An Intelligent Robot to Maintain Your Yard for Every Season

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