Join Yarbo Product Improvement Program

Thank you for your interest in Yarbo Product Improvement Program! We greatly appreciate you joining our efforts to improve Yarbo. As one of our product improvement members, you will get to test the pre-production units ahead of their final release! Please keep in mind that your experience will be different from that of the final and public versions of the product, app, and firmware. The valuable feedback that comes from you is integral to our product development process.

To join the Yarbo Product Improvement Program, you agree you shall:

1. Be willing to report issues, feedback, and provide constructive solutions.
2. Not resell the unit.
3. Not give the unit to YouTubers, bloggers, or any reviewers without our permission.
4. Not publish any public photos, videos, or other kind information without our permission.
5. Not disclose Yarbo confidential information such as technical details, graphic drawings, and so on.

To join the Yarbo Product Improvement Program, please submit your information below. Submitting your information indicates that you agree the terms stated above.