Yarbo Secured Over $14 Million in Pre-A Round Financing

New York, March 23, 2023 - Yarbo, the pioneer of the yard robots provider, has secured over $14 million in a Pre-A round of funding exclusively led by Starlight Capital. Singapore Zelos Fund, Glacier Capital, and several other existing investors also participated in this funding round. "The funding will be used for Yarbo product production and sales," said Allen Huang, founder and CEO of Yarbo Inc.

Yarbo was derived from Snowbot, the autonomous snow removal robot project started in 2017. In 2022, Snowbot rebranded as Yarbo, with a totally brand new logo and the new goal to make multipurpose courtyard robots instead of snow removal robots. In September 2022, Yarbo 3-in-1 Yard Robot was launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, which received a total funding of over $3.45 million from 1,049 backers.

About Yarbo Products

Yarbo is a feature-rich yard robot that can achieve stable centimeter-level positioning by Yarbo PPVS, deal with complex terrains, recharge itself on its docking station, avoid obstacles, etc.

Yarbo 3-in-1 Yard Robot includes Yarbo Snow Blower S1, Yarbo Lawn Mower M1, and Yarbo Blower B1. The robots share the same universal Yarbo main body, swapping with different functional modules.

Yarbo S1 is the world's first residential 2-stage snow removal robot that can work in extremely cold temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Yarbo M1 is an autonomous lawn mower robot that doesn't need perimeter wire, with a wide range of cutting heights from 1.2 inches to 4 inches.

Yarbo B1 is an autonomous blower robot which can blow the leaves into designated piles where you can collect the leaves easily.

Besides, Yarbo won the CES 2023 Innovation Awards with its unique innovation, excellent design philosophy, and multi-purpose functionality.

About Yarbo Inc.

Yarbo Inc. is an innovative technology company with independent R&D technology. It focuses on yard maintenance, and its main business is to provide autonomous yard robots which offer multi-functional services.

The products available for sale so far include the snow blower, the lawn mower, and the blower; it will gradually expand its product series to cover more yard needs like irrigation, sweeping, mulching, security patrol, etc.

Contact Us

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Email: contact@yarbo.com
Office: 1951 Ocean Avenue Unit 3, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, United States